Tips on How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in a Room Completely 

If the smell of smoke is still lingering in your home and on your furniture, there’s no need to panic – after a long period of smoking indoors, or after food is burnt, it can take a while to dissipate. There are many other strategies to give the smell that final push out of your home forever. Here are our top 7 ways to get rid of smoke smell:

  • Use an odour eliminator. Rather than covering up the smell, these products can help remove it entirely, and are particularly good for blitzing furniture. Always ventilate the affected area before and after to get the best results, and read the instructions on the label.
  • Install an air purifier. Air purifiers help remove contaminants from the air. These devices are an excellent way to keep you from smelling smoke constantly, and they also help shift dust and dirt. Make sure that you follow any directions in the owner’s manual.
  • Clean your carpets. Carpets tend to absorb odour, making this method one to keep in mind when you’re considering how to get rid of smoke smells in a carpeted room. You can either opt for commercial carpet cleaners that you can use yourself, or choose a professional cleaning service for a slightly higher price. Make sure that you follow any directions in the owner’s manual.
  • Clean any glass and mirrors. Glass and mirrors actually attract a great amount of cigarette smoke. Wash the surfaces with vinegar, and then follow up by rinsing them down with water. You are advised to test a small, inconspicuous area first. You can also use a glass cleaner – just follow the instructions on the label and test a small area first.
  • Wash any fabric in the room. Smoke lingering in fabric, whether it be a curtain or a sofa cover, can be extremely off-putting and even rather nauseating to come into contact with. Washing these either by hand or in the washing machine is a great way to eliminate the smell of smoke, substantially reducing the presence of lingering ash or particles causing the odour. Remember to check the label of any fabric item for washing advice – many, but not all, fabrics are machine washable.
  • Charcoal is an affordable option for removing smoke smells in your home. You can either lay them out on a steady surface around your home or hang them up in pouches to attract the smell of smoke.
  • Re-upholster furniture. If you’re not planning on smoking inside again, and have a little extra cash to splash, re-upholstering your furniture will automatically get rid of smoky smells caught in the fabric.

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Top 11 Job Websites in Nigeria

Are you fresh off NYSC or an experienced professional looking for a new job?  Are you looking for where to advertise for new talent for your organisation? Lilac Clean has compiled a list of 11 job search website in Nigeria.

  1. www.Jobberman.comjob search.jpeg

Good luck with your search!

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Safety Precautions During Home Cleaning

Lilac Clean

Lilac Clean Recommends the following precautions during your personal home cleaning routines. Off-course our staff are already equipped with high safety standards.

  • Reduce slips and falls by placing anti-slip strips on rugs
  • Wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with chemicals
  • Do not mix chemicals for any reason
  • Secure cleaning products away from the reach of children and pets
  • Always dilute concentrated cleaning products before use
  • Ventilate rooms before you clean
  • Always read the instructions before use
  • Change out dishcloths often to reduce bacteria and mildew
  • Avoid tripping by never leaving loose items, like toys, on steps

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9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Janitorial Services

office-cleaningOutsourcing your office’s cleaning services is a strategic business move for your company. Maintenance services are one area where outsourcing is a good decision in the middle of a towering work load and tight budget. If your goal is to make your company more efficient money-wise and time-wise, then you will be pleased to see these 9 benefits of outsourcing your company’s janitorial services rather than hiring an employee to clean your office.

  1. There are different types of cleaning companies. Traditional ones hire employees/workers, typically for minimum wage. Franchise companies have owner operator teams – they invest time, money and effort and want to be successful. In an unsupervised environment, this model typically delivers better results..
  2. Cleanliness is the primary concern of quality commercial cleaning companies. Office cleaning companies are also focused on this standard as the staff is trained and their quality of work is assessed. The cleaning staff is not your responsibility, but the responsibility of the cleaning company. You are also saved from liability and other concerns with managing of additional staff.
  3. Availability of staff. The issue of holidays, leave of absences, and other attendance-related concerns is now eliminated. Contracting an outside cleaning company means they will be sending crew your way no matter what. If your regular cleaner is unavailable, it will not be a problem since they have a replacement team ready to go.
  4. An outsourced company has the highest standards of health and hygiene. These companies spend time and money on safety training and have high cleanliness standards since they are trying to maintain quality at all times.
  5. When you hire an office cleaning company, they will stay up to date with the best products and cleaning equipment. Lilac Clean uses only most innovative and effective cleaning equipment.
  6. Outsourced cleaning services can be modified to suit your budget. You can customize a cleaning schedule to fit your company’s needs.
  7. You can keep the costs down by adjusting the frequency and cleaning. You can scale up or scale down the amount of cleaning in your office depending upon your needs. If you need more cleaning, you can make a phone call to achieve this. You do not have to hire additional staff on your own.
  8. Save money. With outsourced cleaning services, you save money on maintenance, employment, equipment, uniforms, inventory, and other related expenses. It’s not your core business, is this really where you want to spend your time?
  9. Save the environment. You can hire a company that is eco friendly. Companies like Lilac Clean are committed to the environment and will not only use the right products but will use sustainable systems as well.

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Online Grocery Shopping For Lagosians

Nigeria, Lagos especially is becoming so forward with the digital age. We decided to compile a list of 10 grocery websites available to Lagosians. Feel free to add other suggestions in the comments section.


online grocery shopping nigeria.jpeg


Happy Shopping!!

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Bathroom Cleaning Steps


Remove floor coverings/wastebaskets (on the off chance that you haven’t as of now while vacuuming prior).

Remove everything from tub/shower.

imagesPut shower tangle in tub/shower.

Wet tub/give dividers warm water.

Apply tile and grout cleaner, permit to sit.

Splash/clean everything with universally handy cleaner aside from latrine, vanity, shower/tub, reflect.

Fill container with ¼ glass generally useful cleaner and water to prep for floor cleaning.

Remain on shower tangle and clean tub/shower dividers and entryway (utilize grout brush in the middle of tiles as required).

Apply tile and grout cleaner to tub/shower floor and scour.

Clean shower rack/cleanser dishes.

Clean shower track.

Wash off dividers of tub/give and dry material.

Vanity: splash tile and grout cleaner in sink, cleanser dish.

Splash ledge with universally handy more clean.

Scour sink.

Utilize grout brush along spigot and deplete.

Wash the sink and your cloth.

Wipe the vanity ledge.

Wipe down bureau fronts.

Clean reflect: splash glass cleaner on delicate fabric and buff.

Sparkle the spigots.

Wash the floor with arrangement in the can and permit to dry.

Supplant floor coverings, shower tangle and wastebaskets.

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Lilac Clean Home & Garden

Lilac Clean Health and Safety Tips


At the point when cleaning your home in the middle of Lilac Clean visits, it’s great practice to take after these cleaning safety tips:

  • Lessen slips and falls by putting anti-slip mats on floor coverings
  • Wear elastic gloves to maintain a distance from contact with chemicals
  • Try not to mix cleaning chemicals/liquids for any reason
  • Secure cleaning items far from the range of children and pets
  • Ventilate rooms before you clean(open windows)
  • Continuously read the guidelines of cleaning chemicals/liquids before using
  • Change out dishcloths regularly to decrease microscopic organisms and germs buildup
  • Abstain from stumbling caused by free things, as toys, left on steps

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SOUPS, STEWS AND ALL THINGS NICE. Order for your fresh soups, stews and meals to be delivered free to your home or office in V/l, Ikoyi, Lekki, Ajah.
Edikaikong, Afang, White soup, Egusi, Fresh Fish Okro, Banga, Efo Riro, Bitter Leaf Soup, Ofada Stew, Chicken stew, Goat meat stew, plantain porridge, Ekpangkukwo and much more.
1L, 2L, 4L bowls available.
Call CRAVINGS on 08148504465 to place your order. We want to satisfy your tummy’s every craving!




1. Outdoor Catering Service: The demand for food will continue to be on increase in this country due to our large population which keeps on increasing day in day out. This business has a lot of potentials to be successful because no matter the condition of a man’s pocket, he must eat. Food business varies widely but I’m limiting it to outdoor catering service. If you have the necessary experience in this aspect of business, I will encourage you to start and make sure you make your own as unique as possible and the sky will be the limit.


2. Training Center: This is another wonderful business idea you can start with small money. This could be a professional training center r skill acquisition training center  If you are the type with special talent or have some professional skills, you can go ahead and establish a training center  register it and adopts various marketing strategies to get people and in no time at all you will be bringing in a lot of cash. This business has a lot of potentials to succeed because people of this country are now shifting their attention to skill acquisition because of lack of job, so that they can stand on their own.


3. Quail Bird Farming: If you are hearing about quail bird for the first time or you have heard about it before but you have not taken step to tap into this great business opportunity, you are forgiven. Quail bird popularly known as Aparo in Yoruba language (If you know the name in Hausa or Igbo you can write in the comment below) is one of the ancient bird which has a lot of health benefit. Quail bird farming is part of Poultry farming and they also lay eggs like chicks but it is not common in this part of the world. The meat and the egg of this bird has been reported to cure many diseases such as arthritis, tuberculosis and other 30 diseases. Quail bird rearing is five times better than chicken and turkey rearing, and I assure you that a person with 400 quail laying bird is better off than a person with 2000 laying chickens. That fact is due to the following reasons:

  • 2000 quail bird will feed on the same amount of feed that will be taken by 400 chickens.
  • They have immunity against many diseases, this implies that you don’t need to spend money on vaccine and that the business has a low risk.
  • Quail bird mature earlier and start laying eggs after 7-8 weeks.
  • Quail farming requires less labour.
  • The space require for rearing Quail bird is small.
  • They lay a greater no of egg of between 250 and 280 per year.

With just 20,000 naira you are good to go with this business provided you have a space in your house where you can put the cage. With that 20,000 naira you will be getting a daily return of between #1500 and #2000 after the bird has started laying egg. If you have enough money, you can go into large scale production as this can turn you into millionaire within the limited possible time.

Article extracted from Biznesswatch

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Where Is The Real Estate Business And Investment Opportunity in Nigeria

Where Is The Real Estate Business And Investment Opportunity

Here are some of the areas you can invest and make your own money without tears. As you grow in the business, you can expand your portfolio or start big straight away. In this article, I will only deal with real estate categories that are peculiar to Nigeria, especially for beginner real estate entrepreneur.

1. Land Flipping – This means buying of land and quickly reselling it for profit. This is one of the smartest investment in the industry and requires no effort whatsoever. Just your money and knowledge and you are good to go. You will need substantial amount if you want to make hundreds of millions but you can start small by buying just one plot and grow to buying tens of plots and acres of lands and keep selling all year round.

2. Open Space Leasing – This works in a simple and unique way. Buy a property in a good location and lease it out for makeshift use. You can lease it to churches or business that wants to develop a makeshift outlet such as car wash and mechanics. They will be paying you monthly rantage while the property still appreciates for future sell. It is like borrowing money for someone and get paid double interest and still get your money back.

3. Real Estate Agency – This one is the simplest and easiest of them all. It is not investment per say but service rendering. How it works? Go round and look for properties to let and for sale, advertise your service and help secure clients for the property owners, you will be paid percentage as commission base on the amount the property is sold or rented. You can start with little or no money and if you are smart enough, you will grow to become a giant realtor.

4. Property Development – This is where the big guys in the industry are doing their stuffs. They acquire properties in nice locations, develop it into luxury apartments, commercial structures, etc and sell at a very high profit margin. If you spend N200 million to develop a property, be sure you are going to sell for N400million.

5. House/Office Rent – Build a house and put it up for rent, get paid all year for a life time. That is exactly how this work but there is much more to that than I just stated, watch out for detailed articles on this soon.


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