How Should we tackle Window Blinds?

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Tools to Clean Blinds Effectively

Regardless of material, there are universal ways to clean blinds that are environmentally friendly and effective.

  1. A Soft Duster.

    Any type of feathers, microfiber, cotton cloth, or soft hair duster will work well. Move from side-to-side in the same direction as the slats. Start at the top as dust and/or dirt may fall onto lower slats during cleaning. Another option it using a paint brush. They have soft bristles, come in a variety of sizes, and allow for detailed work if needed.

    • When dusting vertical blinds, move downward along the slat.
  2. Your Vacuum Cleaner.

    The brush attachment is a good way to lift dust and then remove it without damage. Follow the slats from side-to-side for the best results. An up and down motion could be harmful and is less effective. TIP: Completely close the slats to reach more surface area.

    • When vacuuming vertical blinds…

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