Daily Cleaning Routines you can easily Implement

Lilac Clean

Daily cleaning

First of all you need to do the following tasks in your home every single day
– Clean the toilet
– Open windows and curtains
– Air the bed then make it
– Washing up
– Put washing up away
– Put laundry into laundry bins
– Take rubbish out
– Wipe down kitchen surfaces
– Clean kitchen sink
– Pick up clutter and put it away

If you have pets or children you may also want to –
– Sweep and mop the kitchen
– Vacuum heavily travelled through areas
– Check bedding

This might seem like a big, huge long list but honestly it isn’t. These tasks are the basics and can be slotted in with ease and not only that, once you fit them into your daily cleaning schedule you’ll find you spend far less time cleaning, tidying and organising in the long run.

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