Cleaning Product of June- Proudly Naija

We are so sorry that we haven’t updated you with our favorite cleaning product since January!!! But we are here now so here it goes!

So everyone in Nigeria has been affected by the Foreign exchange debacle one way or the other. This has caused increased prices on some of our favorite products. Lilac Clean has chosen to follow the Proudly Nigerian movement by using some of our Local Products. We are always trying new products to recommend to our clients who cannot always get a professional visit from us.  This month’s favorite product is LB Deep Action Cream Cleaner.


We got introduced to this product when we were shopping for CIF cream cleaner and discovered the massive price increase due to foreign exchange. CIF is fantastic I mean it helps soften heavy duty dirt in a a couple of minutes and makes our cleaning very easy. Once the product has been put on the surface it should be allowed to set for 2-15 minutes depending on the severity of the stains, it is then wiped away with a microfiber cloth or a scoring pad for tough stains. Its perfect for kitchen cookers, bathroom sinks and bath tops. We also use Vim cream cleaner from time to time which is also an import and has experienced massive price increase as well. So we after this discovery we decided to try a product we had been overlooking for a while, the Nigerian made LB Deep Action Cream Cleaner and we are pleased to say that it performed beyond our expectations. It was as effective as CIF or VIM and also has a nice fragrance that will complement any freshener you already use. And do you know what is better its about 45-50% cheaper than CIF depending on store you go to.

Lilac Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialise in residential and commercial cleaning. Our cleaners are available 7 days a  week in all Lagos areas. Contact us now  Phone: 08056895502Email:

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