1. Outdoor Catering Service: The demand for food will continue to be on increase in this country due to our large population which keeps on increasing day in day out. This business has a lot of potentials to be successful because no matter the condition of a man’s pocket, he must eat. Food business variesContinue reading “LUCRATIVE SMALL SCALE BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA”

Where Is The Real Estate Business And Investment Opportunity in Nigeria

Where Is The Real Estate Business And Investment Opportunity Here are some of the areas you can invest and make your own money without tears. As you grow in the business, you can expand your portfolio or start big straight away. In this article, I will only deal with real estate categories that are peculiarContinue reading “Where Is The Real Estate Business And Investment Opportunity in Nigeria”

How To Clean No-Wax or Linoleum Floors

If time and traffic eventually dull the glossy top layer, you may want to add a floor finish or wax to restore the shine. Choose any good commercial floor polish or try a self-polishing, metal-interlock floor finish available from a janitorial supply. Traffic areas may need finish applied more often than the rest of theContinue reading “How To Clean No-Wax or Linoleum Floors”

How to Clean Ceramic Floors

Ceramic tile floors are extremely durable and can look as beautiful as they last with proper, regular cleaning. There is no need to wax! Just follow the steps below to keep your ceramic floors looking their best. Things You’ll Need Broom Soft Mop Bucket Water Dish Soap How To Do It Sweep floors to removeContinue reading “How to Clean Ceramic Floors”

Cleaning Product of June- Proudly Naija

We are so sorry that we haven’t updated you with our favorite cleaning product since January!!! But we are here now so here it goes! So everyone in Nigeria has been affected by the Foreign exchange debacle one way or the other. This has caused increased prices on some of our favorite products. Lilac CleanContinue reading “Cleaning Product of June- Proudly Naija”

How to Prevent Indoor Pests

YESSSSSS! we hate pests too and we are here to help you reduce your home pest infestation with the following tips below. 1. The Oldest Trick in the Book: Clean up After All Meals You’ve likely known this trick since childhood. Didn’t your mother always tell you to make sure you clean up after yourselfContinue reading “How to Prevent Indoor Pests”