How Should we tackle Window Blinds?

Tools to Clean Blinds Effectively

Regardless of material, there are universal ways to clean blinds that are environmentally friendly and effective.

  1. A Soft Duster.

    Any type of feathers, microfiber, cotton cloth, or soft hair duster will work well. Move from side-to-side in the same direction as the slats. Start at the top as dust and/or dirt may fall onto lower slats during cleaning. Another option it using a paint brush. They have soft bristles, come in a variety of sizes, and allow for detailed work if needed.

    • When dusting vertical blinds, move downward along the slat.
  2. Your Vacuum Cleaner.

    The brush attachment is a good way to lift dust and then remove it without damage. Follow the slats from side-to-side for the best results. An up and down motion could be harmful and is less effective. TIP: Completely close the slats to reach more surface area.

    • When vacuuming vertical blinds, move downward along the slat. Using an upward motion can cause the blinds to become unhooked.
    • NOTE: We always recommend using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.
  3. A Rubber Sponge.

    Known, also, as a dry sponge will safely remove stains, dirt, and dust from both fabric and vinyl blinds. Start by pushing down with less force and increase as warranted. As with other methods, wipe along the slat and start at the top of the blinds.

  4. Spot Cleaning.

    Fingerprints, moisture stains, and dirt build-up may need extra work. Use a damp rag and tackle small sections. Gently wipe the area dry with a microfiber cloth to avoid spotting, streaking, or staining of any kind.

TIP: Don’t forget to clean both sides of the blinds. We would hate for anyone to take the time and make the effort of cleaning and later discover they’re only halfway done.

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