pH level of Cleaning products

Since we constantly deal with homes, offices, and hospitals who are always worried about the potential harms the chemicals we use in cleaning can cause. There is a misconception about certain products contents. We decided to share with you today the pH levels of the popular cleaning products. Understanding the importance of pH is essentialContinue reading “pH level of Cleaning products”

Daily Cleaning Routines you can easily Implement

Daily cleaning First of all you need to do the following tasks in your home every single day – – Clean the toilet – Open windows and curtains – Air the bed then make it – Washing up – Put washing up away – Put laundry into laundry bins – Take rubbish out – WipeContinue reading “Daily Cleaning Routines you can easily Implement”

How to Deep Clean your Gas Cooker

Dirty, greasy gas burner grates on today’s gas stovetops not only age the appliance, but they also can affect your cooking and present a fire hazard. If you are looking for ways to clean gas stove burners quickly and effectively, we have everything you need to know right here. The Ammonia Method Place each burnerContinue reading “How to Deep Clean your Gas Cooker”

How Should we tackle Window Blinds?

Tools to Clean Blinds Effectively Regardless of material, there are universal ways to clean blinds that are environmentally friendly and effective. A Soft Duster. Any type of feathers, microfiber, cotton cloth, or soft hair duster will work well. Move from side-to-side in the same direction as the slats. Start at the top as dust and/orContinue reading “How Should we tackle Window Blinds?”

Hard water Stains Removal Tips

Removing hard water stains can be done with several natural cleaners. Start by mixing half water and half Vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in your tub and shower and wait a few minutes before wiping clean. You can also try removing hard water stains with a paste made from baking soda andContinue reading “Hard water Stains Removal Tips”

House Cleaning Checklist

WEEKLY Bedrooms Dust furniture and wall hangings Change bed linens Clean floor Bathrooms Dust light fixtures and wall hangings Clean counters, sinks, and cabinet fronts Clean mirrors Clean shower/tub Scrub and wipe down toilet Change towels Empty trash Clean floor Kitchen Tidy and wipe off countertops Clean microwave, toaster, and coffeepot inside and out WipeContinue reading “House Cleaning Checklist”

Post Construction Cleaning in Lagos

Yes Lilac Clean offers post construction and renovation cleaning services in Lagos. Below is our check List of what will be cover KITCHEN Cabinets front and inside cleaned Countertops and shelves dusted and/or wiped Sinks and backsplash washed Exterior of appliances cleaned (stovetop, oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher) Small appliances wiped (microwave, toaster, coffee maker) AllContinue reading “Post Construction Cleaning in Lagos”

Cleaners Wanted

Lilac Clean is taking in applications for both female and male cleaners in Lagos, preferable to be resident on the Island. Please interested applicants should send the following details  below Via Text 08056895502 or via email Name, Age, Gender, Address. After we get this information we will contact you to come to our officeContinue reading “Cleaners Wanted”